About us


Our goal is to offer management and control solutions to business leaders and organizations, in line with the best and well established business practices. These solutions should be at the lowest possible price and help them achieve superior operational results.


  • We strive to offer solutions, which are simple and effective, while constantly tailoring them to meet specific customer needs;
  • We are focused on delivering our products and services on time, flexibly and with continuous customer care;
  • We want to constantly add value for our partners by providing the highest quality products, services and approaches to doing business.

What we offer

Today's business leaders are required to manage and control their organizations or operational units with the least costs and achieve superior results. At the same time, the speed of change in the environment, external and internal, is constantly increasing and a wrong decision due to incomplete, inaccurate or delayed information can lead to serious financial or reputational damage for the organization.

Using our significant expertise in finance and business process management, we have created and offer a solution that allows all business leaders quickly, easily and at a very competitive price to digitize two key business processes, namely:

  1. Budgeting, management and control of expenses;
  2. Management and control of contracts;

Contro allows business leaders to control, manage and make informed management decisions about these important processes, based on real-time data. Using our solution, business leaders sleep better, because they are assured that they have the most reliable business data in real time, based on which they have made the right business decision.

The solution

Our solution is an easy-to-adopt and implement tool that requires minimal resources. It has original functionalities - budgets, approvals, tracking of expenditures by budget / contracts and more. It was created as a result of specific expertise in the financial management and audit areas as well as in the structuring and management of the business processes in the organizations.

We believe that you will significantly benefit from Contro if you strive to:

  • Improve the control over the execution of deliveries to the organization;
  • Prevent overspending or breaches of budgetary discipline;
  • Introduce digitalization into the management and execution of deliveries to the organization;
  • Avoid cumbersome or non-transparent delivery processes and relationships with vendors and customers;
  • Facilitate the servicing of the document flow related to contracts and deliveries;
  • Be able to create quick reports, with two or three clicks, regarding various aspects of budgets, expenses or contracts.

We are ready to help you achieve better results with less resources! Please contact us for a demo and a presentation!

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