Contro is enterprise software for digitalization, management and control of company budgets, expenses and contracts

 If you want to save time, stress and money related to budgeting, control and management of expenses or contracts, please contact us!
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What is Contro?

Contro digitalizes two basic business processes within the organization:


  • budgeting
  • control
  • management


  • control
  • management
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Why Contro?

Saving resources

By digitizing and electronically controlling budgets, expenses and contracts, you save valuable material resources:

  • paper
  • stationery
  • equipment and maintenance!

Saving time

Reduce by up to 80% the time for creation, approval and control of budgets, expenditure items or contracts.

The time saved could be invested in other value-added projects!

Taking adequate decisions

Budget, expenses and contract data are presented and available in real time

Operational managers can make informed management decisions in real time based on up to date data!

Modules in Contro

Module “Budgeting, Control and Management of Expenses"

The basic principle on which the functionality of the module is based is that each expense item of the organization must be pre-approved and aligned with the existing budget.
The module provides for creation of budgets and electronic pre-approval of each expenditure item, subsequent control over differences between pre-approved expenditure amount and actual invoices amount, as well as a comparison between budgeted expenses and actual expenses at a cost center or department level.
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How Contro adds value?

  • Preliminary approval of every expenditure item of the organization;
  • Saving of up to 80% of the time for preparation, approval and control of each Purchase request/Purchase order);
  • Elimination of paper;
  • Digital archive of all expenses;
  • Quick references for expenses made and budget vs actual comparisons for past periods at a cost center / department level;
  • Real-time check of a budget availability for a planned expense;
  • Expenditure decisions based on actual and real-time data.

Main steps in module Expenses

Module "Contracts management and control"

This module allows for a digital pre-approval of key parameters in each contract. Every associate involved and related to the contract may comment and request a change in key parameters of the contract electronically.
The software digitizes the process of preliminary discussion and approval of contracts, monitors the execution of stages embedded in contracts, sends email reminders about expiring contracts, sends messages about upcoming milestones / events defined in contracts and allows for monitoring of payments / revenues for each contract.
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How Contro adds value?

  • Preliminary electronic pre-approval of key parameters for contracts;
  • Juxtaposition between pre-approved and actually agreed parameters in contracts;
  • Elimination of paper and creation of a digital register for contracts;
  • Electronic approval of invoices related to contracts;
  • Monitoring of deadlines for milestones defined in contracts as well as payments / revenues for each milestone;
  • E-mail notifications for expiring contracts, for upcoming milestones and payments under contracts;
  • Availability of cash flows forecasts and expected invoices related to contracts;
  • Quick references about contracted, invoiced, paid and residual amounts for each contract.

Main steps in module Contracts

Signing process control
Execution process control


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1. What is Contro?

Contro is an innovative digital management and administration software that digitizes key business processes. Contro has two separate modules:

I. Budgeting, management and control of expenses

II. Management and control of contracts;

2. Is it Contro an ERP system?

Contro focuses on administration of the management processes of budgeting, management and control of expenses and contracts. It can adapt to your needs and fully represent the state of your business by activities, departments, or branches. Of course, in real time. Contro is not an ERP system, but a business process management system.

3. What determines the price of Contro? How is Contro distributed, per module license, user license or other scheme?

You can use a single module or all Contro modules. There is a one-time price for a license and implementation of a module, as well as a monthly subscription based on the number of users. Please consult us to find out more about your needs and to offer you the best possible payment plan.

4. How long does it take to implement Contro?

The implementation of one module takes 2-3 weeks. The whole system with both it’s modules can be implemented and become fully operational within 4-5 weeks.

5. Could Contro be adapted to specific customer's needs?

Contro, of course, can be redesigned and tailored made to best suit the business processes of any organization. This will require additional resources that we can discuss together and plan specific activities that will be useful for the development of your business.

6. Could Contro connect and exchange data with other software systems?

Contro can connect and exchange data via API to any other software and ERP systems.

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